Sunday, June 11, 2006

Whew, what a day, and it is only 2:58.

It is cool today, and it is the middle of June, but that is okay, we have no picnic scheduled.

My dilemma is, or should I say, brickwall is the parents of Margaret Mariah Bauder, her father was, re the death cert., William Bauder, but others have claimed her as the daughter of Peter and Eliza.

My arguments go on and on, so I have to settle this one way or another. I do know that she was close to the "siblings" in the Peter/Elza Bauder family. She was in Illinois when and where her supposed, Eliza, mother was dying. When a child is taken in or adopted by another family, she, in my mind, is their child, and they are her parents. So we are safe either way. She did have a 'sibling,' William who was born early enough to have had a daughter that age, though he did go to Ohio early on and start a family. He was close to 34 when he wed. He may have had Margaret when he was age 20, and she being adopted by Peter or they would have been her grandparents. There were no children named Peter in the following family. Her brother James, was born in 1821, and claimed his father was born in Germany as well as Allen E., born 1830, making the same claim, mother born in New York.

Ramble on and I still have the same dilemma.



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