Friday, April 28, 2006

Historical Atrocities

In pursuit of a day that is better than the last, I open my mind to any adventure.

History of the area during the 1700s seems to be a time for exploiting the next guy, to get all you can from him and set oneself up in a lifestyle that is not within one's reach normally. If one does not know any better lifestyle, how can one set
a goal for that? The early settlers (some) stole the land from native families and used their weapons to grab that which they wanted. How can we hold them in esteem? Would we do the same? I don't believe so, I know I would commit such acts, but then, my survival is not at stake.

The landgrabbers should take the blame as many settlers purchased land from them, or rented the land which they cleared and worked, only to have their rent raised. The purpose was to have the land cleared for resale, not to help the settlers.

The winters in the Northern part of USA are brutal, can one imagine how families could exist is freezing weather. Their homes were so rugged that how could not the indoors be nearly the same temperature as the outdoors. Not only the cold being a factor, but how did they start their fires? Did every family have a store of matches? Did they rub wood to start a flame? Where would they get dry wood for kindling in the winter, did they spend the summer collecting wood and trying to keep it dry until winter? If so, they would need a rainproof barn, which would probably be better constructed than their living quarters, or perhaps they used the same building. I am thinking that a good hatchet would be a mainstay of any family.

The fact that they had many children could explain why so many did survive.

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