Friday, March 30, 2007

Justine and Dez talkcast,"><
All these websites and I can't find one that is easy to maintain, they have you going around in circles and half the time you can't find where you've been. I need to make my own website.

I have tons of info on this mac and more on the old imac, so I can't clean it out, or I have no more info stored. I know where most everything is stored, I am not perfect, but what I am, it works for me. I am folder happy, but I know where the folders are and their contents.

It is really tough and expensive to maintain hard copies, and they take up so much space.

Now to do some searches at the archives in Pgh.

seawall sighing out. ahhhhhhhhhhhh
Just use your brains if you want to master your computer, remember, you are more intelligent than your machine. You did teach it all you know.


Friday, December 29, 2006

Tonight, in an hour or so Saddam will be hanged with two of his henchman. What is next in all this craziness?

Will take the tree down in a day or so, just let it sit for a while, it does leave a glow in the house, which is not bad. Now to get on with New Year Resolutions.
1. ah!
2. hmmm!
3. eat better
4. more excerize
5. keep in touch
6. answer mail

That is enough! I have to clean off my desk, too much debris.


Monday, November 20, 2006

Judie is here for a few days, and really enjoying her company. I love my sisters so. Judie, don't go home.

Grayce in Pa
Judie is here for a few days, and really enjoying her company. I love my sisters so. Judie, don't go home.

Grayce in Pa

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

My problem with this website is that entering username and password always get an error message.


Sunday, June 11, 2006

Whew, what a day, and it is only 2:58.

It is cool today, and it is the middle of June, but that is okay, we have no picnic scheduled.

My dilemma is, or should I say, brickwall is the parents of Margaret Mariah Bauder, her father was, re the death cert., William Bauder, but others have claimed her as the daughter of Peter and Eliza.

My arguments go on and on, so I have to settle this one way or another. I do know that she was close to the "siblings" in the Peter/Elza Bauder family. She was in Illinois when and where her supposed, Eliza, mother was dying. When a child is taken in or adopted by another family, she, in my mind, is their child, and they are her parents. So we are safe either way. She did have a 'sibling,' William who was born early enough to have had a daughter that age, though he did go to Ohio early on and start a family. He was close to 34 when he wed. He may have had Margaret when he was age 20, and she being adopted by Peter or they would have been her grandparents. There were no children named Peter in the following family. Her brother James, was born in 1821, and claimed his father was born in Germany as well as Allen E., born 1830, making the same claim, mother born in New York.

Ramble on and I still have the same dilemma.


Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Today I have added 512 Ram, Yippee!!!!


Monday, May 15, 2006

Was taken for a tour of the "Hill District" in beloved Pittsburgh, PA, what a difference from what I recall as a kid. I was fascinated by the Granada Theatre, amazed that it was still there. What a place to go, back in the 1940s, the place rocked..........walk in...........popcorn flying past your head, in your hair and kids climbing on and over the seats, loud talk, and chatter......where were the ushers with the flashlights? I will tell you that if all this activity did not take place, I, most likely would not have remembered it all. Stevo knows his way around the Burgh.

The Hill District is today a different experience. One side of the street is a line of modern, newly built homes, with manicured lawns and sidewalks without one crack. No grass growing in this sidewalk. In the contrast, on the other side of the street is cracked cement walks, trash in the gutters, peeling paint, cardboard on the windows, buildings that are not fit to live in. This must be Pittsburgh.

It was a great day though, we had a delightful dinner at the Cafe Allegro on the Southside. Good company and good food.
We attended the Opera production on Cosi Fan Tutte at the Benedum, just missed the rain, after a nice breakfast at the Liberty Diner.